Predicting and preventing adverse events with AI at the point of care

Finding adverse events and keeping them from occurring

Wanda is a cloud-based platform supporting the clinical workflow watching for signs of decline in patients. The active machine learning finds rehospitalizations 7 days before they occur and empowers clinically guided interventions to prevent them from happening.

wanda - warning adverse events

Advance-warnings of adverse events

Patented machine learning algorithms identify 90% adverse events 7 days before they manifest, keeping high-risk patients safer.

wanda - care given

Proactive care management

Insights on the pending adverse event are delivered to the point of care in real time, prompting interventions to improve patient care plan adherence.

wanda - check-in, vitals, survey

Virtual check-ins

Ongoing collection of patient data including physiological, behavioral, and phycological status to improve patient-centered care.

wanda - check-in options, ivr, sms, app

Multimodal patient engagement

Communication options (video, IVR, text messages, app) for assessing health data and connecting patients, doctors and clinicians to improve patient engagement in care plan adherence.

How Wanda Supports Clinical Workflows

Improving Clinical Outcomes

wanda - no hospital

Reduction in 30-day readmission rate

wanda - check-in in circle - gradient

Patient adherence with daily care plan

wanda - calendar, schedule
7.9 days

Reduction in length of stay

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Add New Revenue

Adding Wanda to your care programs will add new reimbursable services while reducing the cost of care.
$59 est.

Reimbursable rate per patient per 30-day period.

Collection and Interpretation of Physiologic Patient Data (CPT Code 99091)

Services include: communicating with caregiver/patient, documenting recommended interventions, modifying care plan. Used in conjunction with other care/monitoring service codes for CCM, TCM, BHI programs.

$42-$61 est.

Reimbursable rate per patient per 30-day period.

Chronic Care Management Services/Complex CCM (CPT codes 99490,99487, 99490)

Provide enhanced opportunities for the patient and any caregiver to communicate with the practitioner regarding the patient’s care by telephone and also through secure messaging, secure Internet, or other asynchronous non-face-to-face consultation methods (for example, email or secure electronic patient portal).

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Why Wanda, Why Now?

With a growing aging population along with rising incidences of chronic diseases, we want to help patients with chronic diseases stay out of hospitals and help everyone reduce cost of care.
35 million

patients with chronic conditions (heart failure, COPD, Pneumonia, and Diabetes) in the US costing $345B annually as of 2015

5 million

Americans are currently living with congestive heart failure and approximately 550,000 new cases are diagnosed in the U.S. each year

$17 billion

Medicare spent annually in preventable readmissions to the hospital as of 2015


of hospital admissions are related to chronic diseases


of adults 65+ have comorbid chronic conditions that need ongoing medical attention and limit activity

Learn how Wanda can be used to find pending adverse events and keep them from occurring

With just a few minutes of live demo, our experts can show you how you can benefit from using Wanda:

Add new sources of revenue

Reduce 30-day readmissions for high risk chronic patients

Improve care plan adherence