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"Wanda believes that technology should manifest itself through elegant solutions to real problems. Wanda’s technology is built on a scalable and configurable platform, enabling rapid adaptation to ever-evolving market and user needs."

Glenn Steigbigel

CEO, Health Resource Solutions, Chicago

  • What if you knew which patients are most likely to readmit? 

    Wanda has been shown to predict 90% of hospital readmissions up to 7 days in advance.

  • What if you had daily vitals and symptom information- without having to collect it?

    Wanda gives you power with remote collection of vitals and symptom information.

  • What if you had dynamic readmission Risk Score?

    Wanda gives you dynamic readmission Risk Score, updated daily, for each of your patients.

  • What if you knew which of your patients are least likely to comply with the care plan?

    Wanda gives you Adherence Score  and Depression Score  for each of them.

  • What if you could approach each of your patients differently and with remarkable empathy?

    Wanda gives you personality compatible recommendations so you can reach all your patients with empathy.

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What Makes Wanda So Smart?

Remote Health Management

Wanda's inline analytic engines developed through 12 years of research at UCLA, encompass a series of machine learning methodologies and novel algorithms to address a wide range of problems in remote health management, wireless health, biomedical informatics, remote monitoring and wearable systems.

Compensate for Missing Data

Since real-world remote data collection scenarios offer sparse data, Wanda has developed methodologies to compensate for insufficient data though data models and algorithms capable of intelligently filling gaps. Furthermore, Wanda employs methods to detect and filter out "spammy" data and false representations.

Health Predictions

Wanda creates organic associations between an individual's unique signals and data elements to generate a quantifiable representation of their health. By using historical and real-time data to predict the trajectory of the person's health, Wanda can provide an advanced look into the patient’s most likely future. This insight allows Wanda to provide reliable, personalized and prescriptive guidance for the individual, their caregivers and clinicians.

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