Clinically proven to identify 90% of pending adverse events 7 days beforehand

Proactive Care Improving Patient Engagement

Wanda is an integrated platform embedded with active AI linking doctors, clinicians, patients, and caregivers into a proactive care team to stop adverse events before they happen.
wanda - patient and nurse interactions

How Wanda Supports Clinical Workflows

Enrollment and Baseline Risk

Patient history





Supervised Engagement






Health trackers

Virtual Check-In

Symptom surveys







Real-time Insights

Health trajectory




Risk analytics


Dynamic alert



Telehealth sessions


Care path modification

Add New Sources of Reimbursable Revenue

With this virtual safety net in place, you can bill for more services and better engage patients in adhering to their care plan.

Current Reimbursement and Revenue

Reimbursable rate per patient per 30-day period.
Collection and Interpretation of Physiologic Patient Data (CPT Code 99091)

Services include: communicating with caregiver/patient, documenting recommended interventions, modifying care plan. Used in conjunction with other care/monitoring service codes for CCM, TCM, BHI programs.

Reimbursable rate per patient per 30-day period.
Chronic Care Management Services/Complex CCM (CPT codes 99490,99487, 99490)

Provide enhanced opportunities for the patient and any caregiver to communicate with the practitioner regarding the patient’s care by telephone and also through secure messaging, secure Internet, or other asynchronous non-face-to-face consultation methods (for example, email or secure electronic patient portal)

2019 Proposed Reimbursable Services

2019 Physician Fee Schedule Chronic Care Remote Physiologic Monitoring (in addition to CPT 99901)

• Initial setup and patient education on use (CPT 990×0)

• Daily supply of data, recordings, or programmed alert transmission, each 30 days (CPT 990X1)

• 20 minutes or more of “professional time” each month of interactive communication with the patient/caregiver during the month (CPT 994X9)

Medicare Telehealth Services (HCPCS codes G0513 and G0514)

• Services related to end-stage renal disease home dialysis evaluation and acute stroke

• Expand coverage for prolonged preventive services

• Subject to statutory geographic and originating site restrictions

2019 Medicare Shared Savings Program

• Accelerates move to two-sided risk

• Improves coordination of care across settings

• Telehealth services reimbursement

• Removes geographical limitations

• Adds beneficiary’s home as originating site

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Learn how Wanda can be used to find pending adverse events and keep them from occurring

With just a few minutes of live demo, our experts can show you how you can benefit from using Wanda:

Add new sources of revenue

Reduce 30-day readmissions for high risk chronic patients

Improve care plan adherence